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The first thing you should know about the academic essay is its difference from the motivation letter. The primary purpose of the latter is to convey information about you as a person and academician to the Admission Commission, as well as describe your achievements and goals in the future. Simply put, motivation letter is a letter about yourself.

As for the academic essay, this is a letter from yourself. An introductory essay must reveal your thinking skills, analysis, and argumentations regarding the main idea. Therefore, the approach to essay writing is very different from that of the motivation letter. However, there are many similarities.

The topic can be pre-determined by the university (for example, “is a brainstorm an effective method of solving problems today?”). You can also indicate a specific area of the topic, which must be directly related to the topic of the essay (“which school of management has the strongest potential in your opinion?”). The third option is to choose the main topic of a given subject at your discretion. When choosing a theme on your own, remember that it is essential to select the one, in which you can logically explain your position.

Structure of essay

As a rule, the structure of the essay includes three main parts: introduction, thesis, argumentation, and conclusion. In fact, the thesis is the main idea of the work. Therefore, you can place it after the argumentation (but in this case, it will be included in the conclusion). If you already have an opinion on the matter, you should start with a thesis, and then make arguments. The main thing is consistency and coherence of the text. If you use the extracts from other people's works or quotes from the books, don’t forget to make footnotes. Break the text into paragraphs according to the course of thought: the argumentation should be divided into several parts.

Basic mistakes in the introduction

Cliche. Most of the applicants use shocking facts from the press, rules of life of famous people or clumsy joke. Steve Jobs’ phrases have already become an eyesore for the admissions committee, and they will hardly pay attention to another similar introduction.

Dryness. Remember that your task is to draw and hold the reader’s attention throughout the text. If the essay starts with a dry statement of facts, it will fade even if there is an anchor.

Inconsistency. Make sure there is a clear connection between the thoughts and facts, which connects the main theme, introduction and subsequent paragraphs. Don’t stack the introduction with unnecessary information and structure the text as clearly as possible.
Everyone knows that essays are written in schools and universities (under compulsion or voluntarily). Anyway, all essays have several components, which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Introduction. You don’t have to prove something to someone. At first, you should prepare the ground, create a certain atmosphere and immerse the reader into the state of mind, which will help them fully understand your ideas.
The main part, consisting of theses. Remember that the main thought (or thoughts) should be formulated clearly and concisely. They have to be clear and simple. No one likes unfounded allegations. Your task is not only to explain, but also to prove. Do you claim that the name of the person determines his/her destiny? Prove it, giving the examples from life or those based on the famous theories. If your thesis corresponds to the question “what?”, then you have to answer the following question: “why”?
Final part, conclusion and summarizing. You can speak long about the thorny problems and go in the wilds of your own reflections, but at the end of the essay, you should bundle all your mental wealth together. Only then, you can qualitatively finish the statement and show the value of everything written. If your text is too short, you can do without this part. The important thing is that the main idea sounds in your words.

Essay writing is a responsible project, which must be approached carefully. Despite the small content of the work, it should be entrusted to the professionals. They will process theoretical material, required for writing the essay, quickly and competently.
The essay is a composition, which represents your view on the work read. It is a written value judgment of the research or other work. Sometimes, essay writing is complicated by the lack of ability to express your thoughts clearly and accurately. In this case, buying an essay will be a way out if writing it yourself seems too difficult.
The essay’s author must describe his/her ideas, impressions and considerations regarding a given topic as detailed as possible. To create the said type of composition, you must use a unique writing style, combining the features of the artistic, scientific and journalistic method. Many students, realizing that they can’t cope with this task alone, start to take the back roads.

The simplest option is a search for the ready-made works on the Internet. The main disadvantages of this method is a lack of compositions on a given topic. Besides, many teachers check the works for plagiarism, which may result in low scores or even a re-test.

Therefore, if you have to write an essay, the optimal solution is to order a composition from the professional author. But if you want to buy quality work and not a set of phrases, it is important to contact a trusted essay writing service, which has extensive experience in this field. Otherwise, there is a risk to run into the frauds, posing as professional education workers who write works to order. Reliable companies can really help every student, who will pay money for writing essays, and not for the sweet promises.

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