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The main rules and features an essay writer has to know

The main rules and features an essay writer has to know. Types of an essay and its mane features. Use facts, quotes, theses and arguments. What difficulties an essay writer can face.

Types of an essay and its mane features. Use facts, quotes, theses and arguments. What difficulties an essay writer can face. Essay writing is one of the most difficult tasks faced by students of different faculties. This is a small composition, in which the author expresses his/her own opinion. In this, it is important to preserve a scientific style of narration.

An essay is a small composition on a specific topic. Essay writing suggests the expression of your own opinion on a particular event, process or phenomenon, fitted in several dozens of lines. Simply put, this is a free-style discourse.

An essay is a specific task that requires creativity and the ability to express your thoughts correctly. The essay writer must also have an analytical mind and be able to analyze the necessary information.

Essayist tells the reader about social problems that concern him/her and shares his/her life experience in free form. 

Every student must know the rules of essay writing. Brief examination papers help to answer the questions of the text proposed for the analysis, unlock the creative potential and demonstrate the ability to think independently. 

Types of essay

An essay is a type of literature work, defined by its topic and goal. Depending on this, the essay can be:   

- literary-critical;

- historical;

- philosophical;

- spiritual and religious.

Plan and structure of an essay

Let's call the signs of an essay that allow us to understand what it is and distinguish it from sketch and article.

Small volume. The author writes succinctly, and the reader can look through the text quickly.

Free structure (composition). In pure form, the works of this genre don't have a strict structure. You can start with the arguments, and then go to the statement of the problem, or make a conclusion at the beginning and leave the talk about the reasons (direct or indirect) “for dessert.”

Even though the essay has a free composition, the author’s idea must turn around one problem set out at the beginning of the text. All arguments made in the central part: you have to illustrate it and smoothly lead the reader to the resolution. In conclusion, you must express your own thoughts.

Individual style. No matter what type of essay you write: historical or philosophical, its essential elements are bright and prosperous language and original style. This tradition is taking root in journalism. When writing an essay, it is crucial to “include” personal charm and revive the text.

Figurative and aphoristic. The essay includes the best features of artistic and journalistic styles. Both are characterized by imagery and metaphorization. Aphorisms, new non-standard expressions (neologisms) and curious language game are often born on the edge of these two styles.

It all can and should be used! However, not everyone can afford that luxury when writing an essay in English. Yet, foreign languages have many figurative expressions that decorate the speech.

Proximity to a spoken language. Don't overdry the text. Scientific terms, complex sentences, clericals, and stamps are contraindicated to such genre as an essay.

Teachers often give very complex topics for such compositions, and the reflections on such themes may not be easy. You can’t copy a ready essay. However, you can order it from the specialists. If you don’t have time for individual work or have already tried to make it yourself and failed, it’s not a problem. We offer you to order it from the experienced specialists at a reasonable price.

The essay is often given as homework or required for admission to the university.  To write an excellent essay, you need to use facts, quotes, theses and make your arguments and build a complex logical chain.

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    - unexpected and interesting statement of facts;

    - problem description with the arguments;

    - author's thoughts structured in a particular style;

    - well-chosen quotes;

    - accurate statistics;

    - interesting name.

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Why is it better to order an essay instead of buying a ready-made one? 

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