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The author of the essay should be a publicist, a philosopher and a comprehensively competent person. He/she doesn’t have to be a theorist or a practitioner, but his/her thoughts should be interesting to the reader, touch the secret strings of the soul and make you think.

Can everyone do this?

Of course, not everyone has a capacity for essay writing. Somebody is a great teller, but can’t express his/her own thoughts in a written form. The other one doesn’t have an independent position on any subject. And someone else is merely boring, annoying and uninteresting.

But what to do with the task of essay writing? The same as with the other educational tasks: do it. If it has to be done, it has to be done. In most cases, teachers don't expect something outstanding from you. Everyone understands that you're probably not a genius. Sometimes it’s better to buy essay online.

First of all, you should clearly understand what's required of you. Let’s say, a motivation letter (as a type of essay) tests your potential as an employee or a student. Essay for the thematic competition shows your attitude to the problem. An essay as a part of history or social studies exam is assessed on specific criteria. Essay on a free topic for publication in the media or blog is something individual and creative.

Each type of essay has its own characteristics. Aspiring authors often lack a sense of proportion and tact. You need to practice, try and show your essays to different people and check their reaction. In a word, you should find your style and achieve perfection. Perhaps, the ideal is unattainable, but we must strive for it.

How to write an essay?
An essay is a free-form composition. However, this does not mean that it should be written without a plan. In the absence of proper planning, the writer can get away from the original task. Without a plan, there will be no logic and compositional completeness. The stream of consciousness was once in vogue. However, modernity requires brevity, specificity, and clarity of presentation. So, after selecting material (including quotations), you should think about a plan. You can make adjustments in the essay at the time of writing. It is not forbidden (as long as logic doesn’t leave you).

It is always good to facilitate the reader's work. Successful essays achieve this with the help of a proper organization, as they are often well structured on two parameters – the first is slightly superficial (but still relevant), and the second is deeper. The surface element of the organization consists of the use of the main structural features, such as introduction, central part, and conclusion. In general, essays that represent long and chaotic works and consist of a continuous stream of thoughts don’t get a high score. The essay must contain a clear introduction that brings us up to date on the topic of discussion and shares the author’s opinion about it; the main part that supports the author's point of view; and the conclusion that sums up all of the above.

The essay doesn’t require adhering to a particular composition and is a free literary genre. However, it often causes some difficulties. The task often takes time (which you may not have) or some specific knowledge. As a result, it is easier and more profitable to order an essay on a particular topic from specialists in a specific field. It is exceptionally efficient to order the writing work via the Internet. This is fast, efficient and reliable in every sense.

Many people who need to hand over an essay or other written work promptly, are afraid of making the order for money, thinking that they can get 100% plagiarism. However, this version of events is easy to prevent. There are several special text checking services (including free) on the Internet, which allow you to check the work and ensure its uniqueness. At the very least, you can make sure that there is no work similar to the one that you’re offered, on the world wide web (which is already a great deal).

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